Special ID/Visa/Passport Pictures

Passport  [domestic and international] , Visa / Work permit and Military ID photos done digitally and available for purchase as prints, digital files or both.


  • Appointments preferred. Call studio to make appointment and get a quote.

  • Turnaround is 48 hours. Same day or next day service if available may be assessed a rush fee.

  • Receive a $50 gift certificate for a head shot or portrait with any passport / ID photo purchase.

Passport or Visa photos from these countries have been done at my studio:

Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Nepal, Palestine, Russia, Slovakia, Singapore, Turkey, United States. 




  • US Passport 2x2: 2 identical prints for $30, 4 for $35, 6 for $40

  • International Passport / Visa or Special sized ID picture [white/neutral background, not a head shot or portrait]: 2 for $60, 4 for $65

  • Digital File in jpeg format: $10 

  • For all ages including babies, infants and toddlers

  • 10% discount for UC Davis students, faculty and staff

  • Receive a $50 gift card towards a head shot or portrait with any Passport / Visa / ID picture purchase.